[no tɛks]

Airline-grade aviation training

Who we are is established in 2013 as an aviation training and consultancy company in the field of non-technical skills: crew resource management, leadership, management and communication.

Our division specialises in CRM (crew resource management) related training and consulting both for aviation and non-aviation companies and individuals.

Our team mostly consists of active airline pilots-instructors with years of experience in multi-crew operations and teaching CRM in particular. We also provide individual coaching and assist freshly-graduated pilots with finding first aviation job and prepaing for the interview. is a division of White Willow located in Prague, Czech Republic.

NOTECHS [no tɛks] is an abbreviation that stands for a system used to assess the non-technical (social and cognitive) skills of crew members in the aviation industry.

"Introduced in the late 1990's, the system has been widely used by airlines during crew selection process, picking out individuals who possess capable skills that are not directly related to aircraft controls or systems. In aviation, 70 percent of all accidents are induced from pilot error, lack of communication and decision making being two contributing factors to these accidents. NOTECHS assesses and provides feedback on the performance of pilots' social and cognitive skills to help minimize pilot error and enhance safety in the future. NOTECHS system also aims to improve the Crew Resource Management training system."

What we do


Our main expertise is conducting trainings of all different shapes and sizes.

We use CRM concepts to facilitate non-technical skills both in aviation and other industries.

Our trainings range from conventional initial and recurrent CRM trainings as required for certification of air-operators to aviation-based management trainings for non-aviation businesses.

Pilot Provisioning

We maintain an online database of qualified pilots and we are happy to help you fill your pilot recruitment needs at any scale.


We are happy to either perform an assessment of the candidates for you or help you with the entire selection process for an important position in your company based on the analysis of your requirements and priorities.

Personal Coaching

Using our vast experience in the airlines we can help you prepare for your first airline interview. Also if you are not a pilot, you can use the same techniques that we teach the pilots in your daily management job.


We offer various consulting services.

Training Courses

Below you will find detailed information about the standard training courses we offer.